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We firmly believe that even though a prisoner's body is locked up, their mind can always be free to travel the world and learn about anything they are interested through the magic or books.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NEW YORK, August 28, 2012 – SureShot Books has sent Spanish books to inmates of several prisons across the United States. Sending books to inmates has always been the main goal of the company. The company has been founded in order to help inmates improve themselves through education as they spend time in prison and await their release. SureShot Books have always believed that education can be attained through reading and discovering anew a world full of possibilities. While awaiting release, inmates will be able to spend their time learning new things and skills that may be able to help them have a new life after their incarceration in jail. As it has always been the belief of the company and its members that mistakes do not mean the end of one’s life, sending books to inmates gives them the chance to improve their lives through valuable education. What better way to help them get educated than by sending them books that may catch their interest and help them discover new skills that will give them the chance to reintegrate themselves back into the community as soon as they get out of the prison. Because a lot of these inmates don’t have English as their first language, having books in Spanish will help them get acquainted to reading and the resources that the company offers. Aside from these, the company encourages the families and friends of inmates to send their incarcerated loved ones with books through the company in order to help further their education as they await they time in jail. Purchasing books and other reading materials for inmates can be done via the company via online orders. To further the inmates’ interest in education and reading, inmates can even order reading materials through the SureShot Books and have them sent to their loved ones via the company. It has always been the belief of the company that education can always be the major factor that will allow inmates to hope and change for a better life ahead of them. The mind isn’t locked up even if the body is. Therefore, reading is a kind of alleviation for these people who have to spend time in jail until release may be allowed for them. About SureShot Books SureShot Books is a company that has been founded by a group of companies during the nineties. It has been put up with the main aim of helping families improve the lives of incarcerated loved ones through furthering the inmates’ education through books. They believe that by sending books to inmates, inmates are provided the opportunity to redirect their lives and have better chances of finding new skills to use by the time they are allowed to get back into the community. Contact: SureShot Books Publisher’s 15 North Mill Street Nyack, Ny 10960 888.608.0868

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